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IT Tools

Chemical legislation is our daily bread, and we know how challenging it can be to navigate. That's why, together with our IT experts, we are developing tools to help us with our daily work, and we are happy to share them with our customers (and the general public).

Lisam ExESS® creates, manages and distributes safety data sheets and labels for all major commercial markets. It uses a fully integrated library of regulatory phrases and shipping content in over 54 languages. It enables the creation of safety data sheets according to the legislation in force in the destination country to virtually anywhere in the world.

REGARTIS is an exclusive distributor of Lisam Exess® in the Czech Republic. We are happy to help you to design a suitable solution and training of your employees.

Lisam ExESS® is built on flexible and scalable Microsoft.NET technology, and delivers a global, user-friendly and customizable platform for creating and distributing safety data sheets with multilingual user interfaces and offers multilingual document generation. Lisam ExESS® is a suitable tool for managing safety data sheets for companies and large enterprises. It can be easily configured and customized by the user. It allows integration with ERP systems.

Main advantages:

  • SDSs worldwide (regions: European Union, Philippines, South Africa, Russia, Chile, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, China, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, USA)
  • Calculation of classification according to Regulation 1272/2008/EC (CLP) based on the percentage of each substance in the mixture and its toxic, ecotoxic and physicochemical properties.
  • New format of the Safety Data Sheet for the EU in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) 2020/878
  • GHS classification calculations are also available for other regions (GHS for UN, US, Japan, South Korea, OSHA and ANSI guidelines for the US and Canada).
  • Country-specific classifications VbF for Austria, BetrSichV, Störfallverordnung and WGK for Germany, VOC for EU, Swiss VOCV, Danish MAL ; NFPA and HMIS assessments from the USA.
  • Transport information ADR, RID, ADN, DOT, ICAO, IMDG, UN RTDG, RES420
  • Creation of exposure scenarios, design and printing of labels.
  • Design of SDS content based on properties and calculated hazard classification
  • Flexible and easy import/export of new phrases, templates.
  • Current exposure limits from around the world
  • Automatic completion of section 15
  • Comprehensive library of validated regulatory phrases
  • Output to PDF, Word, ODT in a corporate template
  • Module to enable UFI code generation and easier PCN notification
  • Publichem – a tool for easy dissemination of documents in the supply chain

Keeping up to date with legislative changes for all the substances you use, manufacture or import is not easy. Our WatchDog can keep track of them for you! What does that mean? You create an account, add the substances of interest to your watchlist, and WatchDog will send you an email whenever there is a change in their regulatory classification (e.g. a substance is added to the Candidate List, its classification is harmonised, etc.). And it's all free of charge.

Are you looking for a laboratory that will perform the test needed to compile your dossier? Or are you confused about which test you actually need and which you don't? Or are you on the other side of the barricade and offer testing according to the different REACH annexes? Envigate can help you find and contact a laboratory that suits all your needs.