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The brand REGARTIS, created by merging former ReachSpektrum s.r.o. and EcoMole Compliance s.r.o aims to assist companies in fulfilling the requirements of REACH, CLP, and numerous other chemicals-related regulations. To achieve this goal, REGARTIS is exclusively comprised of highly qualified staff capable of guiding your company from the start to the finish line. Building on experience in the area of chemical regulatory affairs, supported by scientific and practical background, our team ensures high-quality services in assisting you to place your products on the European market.

We have the advantage of the background of the Association of the Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, which provides us with a guarantee of excellent knowledge of chemical regulation and an extensive knowledge base for the implementation of chemical legislation in your company.

We do what we know best – we provide quality consulting and service services across the entire spectrum of the supply chain (not only) in the chemical industry. Our goal is for you, thanks to us, to have more space for what you do best – to produce, trade, create.


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Our Team

Jan Holomek

Success Architect, King of Kings

Jan is our success architect at REGARTIS. He has a background in chemistry, started his career as a chemical regulatory consultant within the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic and today has over 12 years of professional experience. Besides bringing new visions and making dreams come true, Jan also works as a senior consultant for REACH related affairs and lecturer for some workshops. Jan is a member of REACH Experts Network and REACH-IT WG by CEFIC and participates in scientific projects for ECHA. See Jan’s LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn.

Tomáš Novotný

Founder and Customer Happiness Manager

Tomáš graduated from Applied informatics in Chemistry at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. He is the owner and a Customer happiness manager in REGARTIS. Tomáš is a senior expert in the field of EU chemicals legislation (REACH, CLP), business strategy expert, and communication wizard enabling the most effective cooperation between our technical experts and customers. Tomáš is also often leading scientific projects for ECHA, EFSA, and JRC. LinkedIn

Inessa Kiristaeva

Customer Happiness Manager

With her chemical high school diploma received in the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia in Moscow, Inessa is working in the Chemical Regulatory field since 2007. „I want to make sure that all chemical substances in the EU and the other countries are used in a safer and secure way. That’s why I am in the REGARTIS team happy to receive your inquiries, and with the great knowledge and support of our technical department, I will guide you through the processes of making your chemical products complaint on different markets.“

Dušan Bašić

Customer Happiness Manager, Regulatory King

With his personal, professional, and challenge-driven approach, Dušan is the right address for your business regulatory advice. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, in Kragujevac and acquired a master’s degree in scientific research and development, from the Department of Chemistry. He is also a (re)licensed Chemical advisor, regulatory officer, workshop lecturer, an expert in some interesting projects, and a proud part of the REGARTIS team.

Jana Trávníčková

Customer Happiness Manager, Regulatory Queen

Jana studied chemistry at FCH VUT in Brno. She has been advising in the field of chemical European and national legislation since 2014. She can advise you on everything related to REACH, especially the authorization of SVHC substances, RoHS II, and the Regulation on Conflict Materials. She can also advise you on meeting the requirements of REACH in the area of safety data sheet management and CLP requirements. LinkedIn

Kristýna Halamásek

Regulatory Queen

Kristýna graduated from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and received a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. She was gaining regulatory experience during her studies and now uses her knowledge to help you with tasks related to REACH and CLP regulations, REACH registration dossier compilation, and SDS creation. At the same time, she takes care of the organizational activities at REGARTIS including the arrangement of the professional courses, the REACH manager, and traditional PCMC and the Chemical Legislation conference. Currently, she is bringing up the new generation of consultants on maternity leave. LinkedIn

Andrea Dalecká

Regulatory Queen

With an acquired Master´s degree in Public and Occupational health from the faculty of Medicine, Andrea is responsible for the Chemical Safety Assessment of hazardous substances. Her knowledge is mainly used during the registration and authorization process imposed by REACH regulation, but she is also experienced with challenging RoHS and other projects. LinkedIn

Tereza Harausová

Regulatory Queen

Tereza graduated from J.E. Purkyně University, where she obtained a Master's degree in waste management. She has been working in the chemical legislation field since 2017, and now she helps our clients mainly with REACH and CLP regulations, including consulting, compiling of REACH registration dossiers or the obligations of the lead registrant. LinkedIn

Dragana Bašić

Regulatory Queen

Dragana is a Master of Chemical Engineering and experienced chemical regulatory consultant, with in-depth knowledge of processes and regulatory obligations imposed by REACH and CLP. Her field of expertise includes REACH registration dossier compilation, SDS and eSDS authoring, and Poison Center Notification submission. Under national chemical legislation, she is a trained and licensed Chemical advisor in Serbia. LinkedIn

Hana Krejsová

Regulatory Queen

Hana studied chemistry at the Institute of Chemical Technology Pardubice. She has been dealing with a wide range of chemical legislation since its inception. These are mainly biocides, CLP, REACH, detergents, and other related issues such as storage, handling, occupational safety. In addition to solving specific requirements, she has been lecturing on all the mentioned topics for a long time. LinkedIn

Jana Eliášová

Regulatory Queen

Jana graduated in the field of silicate chemistry at the Faculty of Chemical Technology at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague. She has been advising on chemical and environmental legislation for almost 20 years. At present, she focuses mainly on biocide legislation at the European and national level and can also offer her services in preparation for certification according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards. She is also an expert for TAČR (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic). Her motto is: Only small people have small goals. LinkedIn

Pavlína Krejsová

Regulatory Queen

Pavlína is a graduate of the Faculty of Chemical Technology at the University of Pardubice. She deals with the requirements of the REACH regulation in the area of safety data sheets and the hazard assessment of substances and mixtures according to the CLP regulation.

Nika Pilecká

Event Guru

Nika received her master’s degree in Political Sciences at the Social Faculty of Charles University and due to her organisational skills and experience in international cooperation, she has become the Events Guru at REGARTIS. She is ready to assist you in organizing of events, trainings and conferences in English, Czech, and Russian and is always hungry for new ideas for cooperation and exchange of knowledge. LinkedIn

Yana Trubitsyna

Regulatory Queen

Yana graduated from Charles University in Prague, where she studied molecular biology and genetics. She is skilled in REACH registration dossier compilation and SDS/eSDS creation, she also has experience with chemical auditing and biocidal regulations. She speaks fluently Russian, Czech, and English.

Adam Jonáš

Regulatory King, (Eco)toxicology expert

Adam is our toxicology and ecotoxicology expert. He is involved in this field since 2007. He started in academia performing experimental work to investigate the endocrine activity, acute toxicity, and neurotoxicity of various substances, mixtures, or environmental samples. He published several articles in leading toxicology and ecotoxicology journals. Later he had several regulatory roles in industry focused on biocides, plant protection, REACH, and CLP in the EU and other regions with proven track of successful registrations. He has experience with the endocrine disruptors assessment of plant protection and biocidal active substances under the current EFSA and ECHA guidance. He also helped to designed and study monitored numerous toxicological and ecotoxicological studies very often with very specific and difficult to be tested substances.

Marcin Wilczynski

Regulatory King

Marcin Wilczyński has graduated in Chemical Technology and Medicinal Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry in Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. He is a chemical regulatory expert with over 10 years of professional industrial experience. He offers a business-focused approach to chemical regulatory affairs and sustainable development. During his career, he has supported global cosmetic & detergent manufacturers, global chemical companies as well as local SMEs. His experience is also recognised in his contribution to NGOs, business chambers and industrial associations, authorities of the European Union and national in many countries worldwide.

Lucka Havelková

Polymer expert, REACH registration

Lucie has graduated in Clinical and Toxicological Analysis and is currently completing her doctoral studies in Macromolecular Chemistry at Charles University's Fa­culty of Science. In 2023, she attained the professional qualification of REACH Manager. At REGARTIS, she specializes in providing consultancy services related to REACH and CLP regulations, as well as in the preparation of safety data sheets. With her expertise in polymer chemistry, she is well-prepared to offer guidance, particularly concerning polymer identification and the impending requirement for their registration.


2018 Currently we are working with our partners in a consortium on project "Survey on the pre-natal developmental study (PNDT)”. The project is financed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) based on procedure no. ECHA/2017/256

From 2016 to 2017, our experts participated in the twinning project "Strengthening capacities of National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) and conformity assessment (CA) services in the Republic of Serbia (SR 13 IB EC 01)” ran by CMI and UNMZ.

2016 As goals of the project „REACH SME 2018“, we have delivered 4 workshops and 16 free-of-charge consultancy days for small and medium-sized companies in the Czech Republic to facilitate the registration of chemicals in the 2018 deadline. The project was financed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

2012 Project Monitoring REACH investigated the state of REACH implementation in industry, academics, and research organizations. The final report contained a draft suggestion of a support program to SMEs in REACH implementation and was delivered to the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic – the funder of the project.

2009 ReachSpek­trum delivered an impact assessment study of GHS implementation on the chemical industry to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. The study enumerated costs associated with GHS implementation at manufacturers of substances and formulators of mixtures.

Corporate clients

Aero Vodochody Aerospace, AGRA Group, Austin Detonator, AutoMax Group, Barentz, BASF, BorsodChem MCHZ, Cleveland Scott York, DEKRA, EFSA, Euro Support Manufacturing Czechia, European Commission, ECHA Fintex Chemie, Evonik, Fosfa, Geosan Group, Humatex, Chalk, Kemifloc, KemWater Pro Chemie, LEARKA, LIJA, MANN HUMMEL SERVICE, Mida LT, Mondi Štětí, ORC International, OSRAM Česká Republika, Prague Airport, Preciosa, SAFINA, SAP, Synthos Kralupy, TechnoNicol, TEVA Czech Industries, Toray Textiles Central Europe, Unipetrol and others.