Vyrostli jsme. Nyní jsme součástí značky REGARTIS.
We grew up. Now, we are part of REGARTIS brand.



Do you import products to the UK or buy raw materials here? And did you know that as a result of Brexit you have to meet the requirements of the new chemical law, UK REACH? We will provide you with a complete portfolio of services related to the transition to the new British REACH. Whether it is the services of an exclusive representative, auditing, registration or authorization.


Downstream User Import Notification is intended for importers, downstream users and distributers seated in Great Britain or with an Only Representative there, that have already been importing the substance to Great Britain before the transition period before Brexit. By submission of this notification, these companies can postpone their registration obligation for these substances by 2, 4 or 6 years from 28.10.2021. HSE doesn’t charge any fees for this notification. We can take care of the whole notification for you. We need only the available information about the substance like the identification numbers, imported tonnage when it’s possible also SDS or analytical reports. If you’re not seated in Great Britain, we can also provide the Only Representative service. The time needed to complete DUIN depends on the number of substances, but we generally complete it within few days. We’ve been doing this since the beginning of 2021, so from the very beginning and you can also watch our recorded webinar series about UK REACH. It’s important to say, that the deadline for DUIN submission in on 28 October 2021. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will take care of it!