Vyrostli jsme. Nyní jsme součástí značky REGARTIS.
We grew up. Now, we are part of REGARTIS brand.



We provide complex services to ensure your compliance with the REACH Regulation (EC 1907/2006). From Registration to Authorization.


We will prepare a registration dossier for your substances according to Regulation EC no. 1907/2006 REACH. From registration strategy to submission of the dossier to ECHA. Simply comprehensively.

Authorisation of SVHC substances

Several applications for authorisations were prepared by our team and authorisation successfully granted to our clients. We are able to prepare all parts of the application including analysis of alternatives, social-economic analysis and risk assessment.

Chemical substances properties testing

We have a number of reliable partnerships with laboratories and universities. We can coordinate testing strategy and performance in both GLP and non-GLP environments.

Only Representative

Every non-EU company that supplies chemicals to the EU must appoint Only Representative – a natural person or legal entity established physically in the EU and equipped with sufficient knowledge to comply with REACH regulation. Companies, which are not established in EU, cannot supply chemicals or articles to the EU, unless they appoint Only Representative or their customer in EU complies with REACH by himself.

The Only Representative takes over the tasks and responsibilities of importers for complying with REACH regulation and can be appointed by a manufacturer, formulator or article producer outside the EU.

REGARTIS offers complete Only Representative services, including registration, authorization, SDS management, SVHC management and any other activities, which our customers need our assistance with.