Vyrostli jsme. Nyní jsme součástí značky REGARTIS.
We grew up. Now, we are part of REGARTIS brand.


FREE Webinar: UK REACH - Why is it soooooo important to choose a really good Only Representative?

FREE Webinar: UK REACH - Why is it soooooo important to choose a really good Only Representative?

Appointing an Only Representative is like a marriage. Really.

95 % of companies stay with their OR longer than 5 years.

So you really want to make sure you choose the right partner. Why?


  1. Top-class Only Representative gives you a competitive advantage. How? Join the discussion at the webinar to get an answer.
  2. It’s easy to appoint an OR, it’s much harder (and costly) to change one. We saw that. Many times.
  3. Good OR gives you peace of mind and goes beyond the minimum requirements. You can focus on your business, while the OR takes care of all UK REACH requirements and supports your UK-based customers.

What are the key signs that you are dealing with a reliable Only Representative? In other words, what you should always look for when considering appointing an OR?

We heard a lot of different stories over the past 12 years of our REACH consulting and we are eager to share that experience and see if you have a similar experience.

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Tomáš Novotný

Owner & Customer Happiness Manager @REGARTIS

Tomáš is the owner and a Customer happiness manager in REGARTIS. He is a senior expert in the field of EU chemicals legislation (REACH, CLP), business strategy expert, and communication wizard enabling the most effective cooperation between our technical experts and customers. Tomáš is also often leading scientific projects for ECHA, EFSA, and JRC. Since the day of the Brexit referendum, Tomáš is closely watching the regulatory developments and impacts on post-Brexit chemicals legislation. That's why he is the leading force in REGARTIS helping businesses to stay on the market on both sides of the Channel.

Jan Holomek

Owner & Success Architect @REGARTIS

Jan is our success architect at REGARTIS. He has a background in chemistry, started his career as a chemical regulatory consultant within the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic and today has over 12 years of professional experience. Besides bringing new visions and making dreams come true, Jan also works as a senior consultant for REACH-related affairs and lecturer for some workshops. Jan is a member of REACH Experts Network and REACH-IT WG by CEFIC and participates in scientific projects for ECHA.