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FREE Webinar: UK REACH - data sharing under UK REACH

FREE Webinar: UK REACH - data sharing under UK REACH

How much will you pay for data to get compliant? I know … that's a silly question that you know we are not going to be able to answer at the webinar, because it depends on so many factors. But that's the point! Let's go through these factors shaping the cost of data you need to compile to file your UK REACH registrations and stay on the UK market.


Do I need to pay for the data I already purchased for EU REACH? Will there be SIEFs under UK REACH? When? UK REACH vs. EU REACH data-sharing provisions … are they the same? Are they any different?

These are exactly the questions we will be covering at the webinar, together with discussing different data-sharing models which are considered for the UK REACH and sharing experience and lessons learned from EU REACH data-sharing disputes.

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Tomáš Novotný

Owner & Customer Happiness Manager @REGARTIS

Tomáš is the owner and a Customer happiness manager in REGARTIS. He is a senior expert in the field of EU chemicals legislation (REACH, CLP), business strategy expert, and communication wizard enabling the most effective cooperation between our technical experts and customers. Tomáš is also often leading scientific projects for ECHA, EFSA, and JRC. Since the day of the Brexit referendum, Tomáš is closely watching the regulatory developments and impacts on post-Brexit chemicals legislation. That's why he is the leading force in REGARTIS helping businesses to stay on the market on both sides of the Channel.

Aleš Bártl

EU Regulatory Associate @Keller and Heckman LLP

Ales has broad experience in EU product regulatory law, including REACH, CLP, POPs, biocidal legislation, food law, medical devices, electronic products, and product and food safety. He advises on regulatory compliance of a broad range of products marketed in the EU and represents clients before EU and national competent authorities on compliance and enforcement issues. Ales also advises on product recalls and withdrawals. Ales primarily focuses on EU regulation of chemicals and food, including representing clients in various procedures before the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Prior to joining Keller and Heckman, Ales interned at the European Commission and worked for almost ten years as an EU regulatory associate at two international law firms in Brussels.